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Big Man

Once upon a time there was a slap happy frog named Herculeesa. She lived in a small pond full of power-hungry frogs. Every time she hopped to the beat of a big man; she bumped her tail.

One day Herculeesa was swimming in tall timber at the plant center. A man came up to her and told her that he could make her the most important frog in his huge pond. Herculeesa got so excited that she wrote a check to the big man. He invited Herculeesa to visit his pad so they could talk. When she got there the big man slapped her…?


It’s important for employees in corporate America to earn a fair wage while being given the opportunity to participate in the profitability of their companies. Many are getting wealthy being dedicated to the mission of their respective organizations, from their beginnings with the company to its magnanimous successes as an ongoing operation. They worry daily about needing a timely exit strategy from their stock sharing plan. This is important for those concerned who wish to convert their paper wealth into real dollars.

Therein lies the reason why it’s nearly impossible for the public at large to resolve their customer complaints by telephone with mid to large-cap companies. Upper tier management is too busy hiding, asking for difficult to write email and chat explanations that explain a problem, thus defending their personal wealth from angry customers while spending much of their time tracking individual fortunes daily on Wall Street.

Green Tee

Walking to the green tee meet-up late, without identification for the starter, can lead to a caddy holding a bag with the flag outside the cup at the first hole. This causes the pour-in timing to be off, and a lip out later than the other grippers.

Guitar Lessons

Looking at a piece of felt on the dresser reminds me not to skip my video guitar lessons. And to remember, if I have a question about the content, hitting the pause button gives me time to search for an answer, and avoid making mistakes a habit.

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