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Basket Case

It is common knowledge to anyone that has ever known me that I suffer from an emotional disorder. One look at my apartment is very revealing of this fact. It would incriminate me in any public forum that attempts to prove my purpose-filled condition for those who seek to run an artistic cat from his litter box.

Most of my time is spent sitting at my computer. When working on it, I am usually imagining that I’m smoking, while wondering if my smartphone is within reach for my next frequent notification from a health care provider.

When not on my computer, I often look for my guitar pick case. It’s a woven basket that can usually be found resting on a bookshelf. Worry about the case’s location creates the perpetual stress necessary for me to keep developing new ideas for sensible songs that can be released from the cramped studio in my apartment.

I’ve decided that what this cat needs for survival is to keep finding my basket case in a song while waiting on another health care appointment in my litter box.

Stock Up

Why are we all being put on hold? Probably because we’ll have to wait for virus truck deliveries to arrive for those of us in for bad luck. Only in the aftermath of a commotion brought on by money changers should we realize that every possible combination of survival is being calculated offshore in Russia by one of NASA’s mainframe computers.

The market started going berserk in 2008 when the swine flu pandemic occurred. Now we are all in a panic over the coronavirus. What was started in Wuhan, China is probably a much less potent strain. This time there was a radioactive suitcase bomb set off with the help of the US. It weakened everyone’s immune system and gave them the common cold. That gave the Pope ample opportunity to attack the world.

Be sure to stock up on toilet paper. I’m sure the shower stall drain will start backing up soon.


So, like you know I mean don’t cause World War III. I signed up for Instagram last year with a pic, a phone number, and an email address so that I could check out the service. After looking at the site, it was another social media (use your computer) place that this old codger didn’t want to tackle at the time.

I forgot about the account for months until I saw an Instagram listing showing up on a Tom O. Williams search on Google. It’s my all-important, Tom O. Williams, Instagram listing. After a forgotten phone # and email address when contacting no customer service to try and delete the account, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I will never get access, and that “identalty” will forever have a place among searches for Tom O. Williams on Google’s results. Thanks so much young bloods.


When at another’s house and you’ve got your feet on rugs, they may not realize that you’re using fibers as ordered to produce good movements. Especially, if daydreaming about singing with a shotgun and pointing a viper while flying over a road in Mesopotamia looking for one moment of fame.


It’s time to ask your children if they can smell the fireworks on a 24 hr. shift at a Russian laundry when getting to an age that you can’t detect your own flatulence.

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