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Have you ever had a me idea? I see them everyday in today’s internet articles. They’re meant to grab your attention so that you’ll respond by disseminating what’s written to others using one or more of the little icons that are situated beside the article. Media outlets have experienced diss analyzers on staff that know how to tally their readers reactions. It takes three disses to equal a like because pollsters don’t want to hear negative reactions toward anyone or anything these days.

I like the articles that sparkle because the writer doesn’t understand what it’s like to have a family background. They hide behind their insecurities and write about others as it relates to themselves, making the reader believe what they’re saying is important to their employer’s war effort.

Give her Hell, Harry!


It’s been some time since I was here. That must mean that I am somewhere out there. I would like to find out whether I was, am, or will be as soon as time allows the matter to be addressed.

I find no fault with those who attempt to understand me as their subject. Personally, I prefer to leave that knowledge to the well-grounded, so that I can wrestle daily with the fascination of nothingness.

The last time I pondered the existence of nothing it dawned on me that nothing must be something in its universally misunderstood form. Most people that strive to understand nothing fail miserably at such a noble undertaking. For me, it’s within this sought-after galactic body of knowledge that the secret to my living a fulfilled life has been found.


My next-door neighbor told me I shouldn’t attempt to use a vacuum cleaner for containing the creeping crud in my living room closet, until I get an oxygen specialist that he knows to make recommendations for eradicating the stuff.

Upon inspection by him, I’m hopeful he’s the most knowledgeable person in town who suggests the latest method for getting rid of the moldy clutter. I’m told that their platinum plan has monitoring included until levels in the closet reach zero.

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