Wisdoms Feast

“At home deep within its bowels
reside the wise nocturnal owls
Searching for an evening feast
on rodents thriving with the beast

Peering here and peering there
for nests that make a hidden lair
Watching prey with scornful eyes
fearing what they soon may try

Scurry around lingering pests
with you in sight our souls can’t rest
We’ll swoop you up, each one by one
the fate worse than a big cauldron

When you’re gone and nest no more
peace will be for US, in store
Till foolish actions creep back in
then wisdom’s feast brings their end”


“Purple in color and the chosen pick
Makes her giddy and their love life tick
She says ‘I do’…then he plants a seed
He hears from a friend, she has no need”



“This loco world helps songwriters find
A motive behind writing great rhymes
Proving to others their work can be fine
Showcasing tunes with special designs

Great architects place loco on the staff
For no ad lib if performing their craft
Creating the motif within each song
Repeated notes being carried along”


“A very slow tortoise named Tom
Was brought up to fear the bomb
He lives on a very fast road
Where bombers carry their loads
A girl known as ‘Lady Luck’
Sees Tom in front of her truck
She saves him in the nick of time
With a sucker that cost just a dime”


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