I enjoy being wealthy. I put all of mine into a trust at birth. That is when I figured out my father and mother. They were two honest trustees when dealing with their children and always told us that they would take care of us.

We were poor and relied on our housekeeper for assistance when we were hungry and needed food to eat. My two older sisters felt better than I did most of the time. They would push me and call me a dope until I cried for our nanny to pick me up and teach me about rock and roll.

I guess wealthy people like me have trouble when it comes to having a lot of friends. Most people I know didn’t put trust in their parents like I did. They need to know 100 times as many people as me to get by in life.

My dad passed away before I could ask him where my trust money is, and my mother has forgotten. Just knowing that it is there, wherever it is, is comforting. Thanks you guys for protecting me and looking after my trust since my reincarnation.