I understand. You’re feeling somewhat stressed, needing the immediate gratification that only rhymes and music can provide. You find yourself reaching for the tablet next to you, trying to control the urge to participate, but always giving in by seeking this destination where poems and thoughts are put into motion with image and song.

It’s when your thumb and index finger begin to shake, as you point at an icon, that you realize you have begun to have an uncontrollable fascination for pure joy. Joy that can only be explained by the sense of complete understanding. The enlightenment provided by going back in time with thought, music and rhyme where inspiration is captured and feats are arranged.

In years past, addictions began for many while driving around in a car. Today they manifest themselves while electric currents provide fiber optic delivery of information as we travel an internet super highway. Thousands of wonderful, useful apps help us to habitually navigate this freeway. Thus, requiring a totally focused effort for us to reach our destinations.

If going out to shop, you can determine how quickly to make your trip, to and from the grocery, before feeling the need to become mesmerized by the potent effects of your tablet. When arriving home, you are able to reach for it, once again, to visit this site and its blog, Point Ambiguities.”